Journeys & Retreats

The Quest for your Soul Contract

A divine stay

My arrival on a Saturday morning in May at the chalet in Gruyère was bathed in a divine light.

I was greeted by Sophie, a fairy straight out of the forest of Brocéliande. Sophie has a natural empathy and an infinite love for life and your life. She shared her knowledge and ancient teachings as one distills the good scents, with a great generosity.

This retreat changed my “vision” of the Invisible and the Sacred.
The impression of having lived something out of time …

I will keep forever a magical memory of those few days spent in a mystical place. And this idea of ​​being able to go back whenever I need it, I like the most. Sophie is an exceptional Medecine Woman, a 21st Century Healer.

I think I was very lucky to have such an experience. Maybe it will open new doors, new horizons … or maybe not, but I know that everyone should be able to take the opportunity and live all those intense moments that I have lived with Sophie! She is a wonderful gift of life.

To you Sophie, thank you for allowing me to live this encounter with my Soul Path and to be able to stop dreaming and take my next baby steps now, my eyes wide open 😉

June 2017