Healing Sessions


Energetical Work, Tibetan Bowl and Quintessences

A huge help, a new me

Dear Sophie,
I want to thank you for your great help in the quest for my well-being. Your care with Saint Germain transformed me. I directly felt a huge weight leaving my body and my heart. In addition, I regained my confidence and joy in my life. Thank you also for teaching me to anchor properly, protect myself daily. The use of your personalised color essences support my morning ritual since our meeting!

Looking forward to seeing you soon, maybe a retreat soon, who knows?

March 2017


Energetical Work, Light Language, Sound and Essences Alchemy

Long awaited RELEASE

For me, as you know, it was the first time i took an appointment with an “Healer”. I never really believed in those things, but your name came to my ears a few times when i was at the lowest level of energy in my life. Mentaly and physicaly totaly drained. I was trying to cope with a very painful and unfair seperation process that lasted for months. My doctors were telling me to take medication which I was considering but wanted to try something else before this! I cannot express enough gratitude for your healing session Sophie. You explained me very well what you were doing, what was happening. I decided which hooks i wanted to work on. You also gave me the choice to dissolve or to clean hooks. At the end of the session i felt as if i was a newborn, a lot of my fears were either gone or under control. My sadness was eased and my guilt was cleared.

Your use of essential oils, gem and floral essence throughout the whole session was pure bliss for my soul.

January 2019