October 2025 TANAMI TRACK Alice Springs to Broome

Get in touch with your Soul Contract Participate to an "Awaken your Senses" Retreat

Support your animal with Australian Bush Flower Essences

Receive a life changing message from your Guide with a Soul Reading

Rise your vibrational and energy levels with Essentials Oils & Flower Essences

Workshops, Retreats and Journeys

Awaken your senses, your intuition and rise your vibration by participating in a workshop, a retreat or a journey with AURA. An excellent opportunity to experience pure bliss and deep connection with yourself.  AURA leads retreats and journeys in Europe or in Australia. Whether you join AURA for a few hours or a few days, you will find a sacred place, where sharing teachings and knowledge is my heart’s desire.  You will recieve all the healing, keys and tools required to allow you to face the ups and downs of your daily life with renewed strenght and guidance.

Journeys and Desert Retreats in Australia

The Journey of your life in The Kimberley…where you immerse yourself in stunning landscapes and fauna preserved for more than 40’000 years. On a deeper level, an encounter with yourself in the middle of the desert, with the crossing of the legendary Tanami Track or through a self-help retreat in high connecting places with an eminently high vibratory field? Uluru and Kata Tjuta symbolize one the chakra of the planet known as its solar plexus. All our desert retreats allow you to see more clearly, feel more clearly, hear more clearly, to understand and know what will be your next baby steps in a complete agreement with soul contract.

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Workshops are organized regularly to allow you to discover the purity of dōTERRA essential oils. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want information, buy a dōTERRA essential oil or if you are interested in organizing a meeting or the distribution of these exceptional products. DōTERRA Essential Oils are carefully and gently distilled from plants that have been patiently picked at the perfect time by experienced growers from around the world for ideal composition and efficiency.

Healing Sessions

Dissolving energetical hooks, path clearing, earth connection, strenght and guidance, protection and grounding techniques. Shamanic Breath healing, Tibetan Bowl Chakra Massage, Light Language and Personal Code Manifesting, Love Life & Relationship Coaching. AURA will propose the best suited healing technique regarding to your needs. All our healing sessions will support you with a special essential oils, gem & flower essence specially made for your sacred healing time with AURA.

Tarot Sessions

Discover the power of support of your personal process with a Tarot session. Plan your evolution in accordance with your life path, and, overcome your obstacles by having an overview with full awareness of your possibillities and actions. Astrological Tarot or Psychological Tarot, the deck i used will be suited to your needs.



Aura-Soma Consultations, Healing Sessions, Soul Readings are made by appointment only. My presence in Switzerland and Australia are announced on the contact page. For an appointment thank you to send me directly an email, noting that the appointment ranges are filled at least 1 month in advance. Please, follow AURA on Facebook or Instagram to keep in touch with all of the activities, workshops, celebrations and journeys offered.


Aura-Soma can help you increase your well-being by guiding you to a deeper knowledge of yourself. Aura-Soma uses the visible and invisible energies of color, plants, as well as the energies of crystals and precious stones.


Soul Reading

A Soul Reading can give you information about yourself and your current life path through a written message from your guides and a drawing with symbols channeled through meditation. Your drawing is an healing tool that will work and heal your energetic field for at least 6 months after the reading.

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