Open the Doors in Central Australia

6-Day Desert Retreat in Central Australia

April 29th – May 4th 2019


Experience the stillness of the desert…
…the deepest connection with your Sacred Soul

Sophie Franklin
21st Century Healer, Soul Awakener, Aura-Soma Practitioner, Essences & Oils Alchemist

And our indispensable logistics and safety partner
Sandrifter Safaris Alice Springs is specialised in personalised and authentic treks for small groups in the Australian desert and beyond.

Residential Retreat

  • 1 Night in a single room with own bathroom in Alice Springs
  • 4 Nights sleeping in a swag under the stars in the West MacDonnell Ranges

Cuisine suited to your needs

This retreat is all inclusive. All the meals, non alcoholic beverages and tea breaks from April 29th – May 4th are included in the price.

Alcohol consumption during this Eye Opener Desert Retreat is not allowed.

Healing Time in the Red Centre

Take the advantage of this exceptionnal journey with a small group. Work on your chosen life issue, being fully supported by Sophie’s teachings & Healing techniques. Experiment Australia’s wild beauty in totally preserved surroundings. AURA collaborates with Sandrifter Safaris in Alice Springs, exceptional and valuable partner for irreproachable logistics and security for our journeys and desert experiences in Australia.

Healing Time for You, Sacred Soul

This residential retreat is your opportunity to be in contact with your Divine Essence standing on this red earth, feeling the strength and guidance from the Ancients, their Land and the vibration of their Sacred teachings in the air. This is an unique occasion to experience your link to Mother Gaïa. It is time to remember Divine Soul. Feel, smell, hear your own Divine Essence through teachings, meditations and other self-healing experiences. This journey will open the doors of your intuition, heal your Heart and Soul by giving you strength and guidance while offering you a clear vision of your very next steps.

Sophie will support and guide you through your personal journey through Ancient Land & Divine Connections with Guidance & Teachings, In-Tuitions, Meditations & Journaling. You will also have plenty of time for yourself, every day, to experience your own connection to this powerful place, this state of “Once in a Lifetime Journey into Your Soul”.

An initiatory journey within yourself
The West MacDonnell Ranges

  • Connection to your Ancient Wisdom
  • Acknowledge and work with your Divine essence
  • Feed your Body and Soul with nourishing, healthy food
  • Sacred and Ancient Teachings
  • Learn to Protect yourself
  • Learn Manifesting Techniques
  • Sleep under a million stars in the Australian desert
  • Greet each day with an Optional Sunrise Meditation
  • Your choose your personal work: the next steps in your life, directions to take
  • Discover the untouched beauty of the West MacDonnell Ranges
  • Learn about Aboriginal Culture and history
  • Anchor your achievements daily
  • Enjoy plenty of time alone in the desert
  • Every day, experience the high frequency of this magnificent Land

I feel the call of my Soul